We offer a free delivery to customers who are within 5 miles from our location and a discounted delivery fee to those outside of 5 miles.  

With this free service,  we cannot guaranty the time of the delivery.  

For safety and insurance reasons, we are not able to drive our trucks off any road or driveway.  Absolutely under no circumstances are we able to drive the trucks onto grass/yards.  All deliveries must be dropped in a safe paved area.  It is up to the discretion of our driver if the delivery location is not safe to complete.  If a delivery is unable to be completed, we will offer a refund.

We do not offer a refund for any bulk items that has been delivered.  Once the product has been delivered, the transaction is closed.

Delivery Policy

Store Policies

All sales are final. 

We do not offer a warranty on plants.  This is due to the many factors that are beyond our control once the plant leaves our property which includes, but is not limited to, soil conditions, lack of care, watering, sun exposure, and extreme weather.  

We do not offer refunds for bulk material.  You are always welcome to come look at the bins to ensure that you are receiving the product that you want.  Once the material has been delivered, the transaction is closed.

Return Policy