• ​Work through your beds and get rid of all debris and leaves
  • ​Add appropriate fertilizers to your plants.  We love using the Greenview line since the formula can be specified to evergreens, perennials or roses!
  • ​Apply  weed preventive, such as Preen​.
  • ​MULCH!  Pick your favorite color, Natural or Black Dyed, and apply at roughly 2-3 inches thick across the bed.  Be careful not to mulch too high up on your tree and shrub trucks as it can suffocate your plant.

Tip of the Month


  • ​Work through pruning any topiaries, shrubs and roses, or vines.  Getting them to a smaller size now will prevent them from getting out of control in the future!
  • ​Remember you must fertilize after pruning! so if you haven't done so, apply a simply formula from your favorite line (ours is Greenview or Epsoma) do give your plant the boost after the trim!
  • ​Dead head any spent flowers that are done blooming, such as Daffodils,  Tulips and other flowering bulbs.  Don't worry about the leaves!  If you leave them to naturally die, it will fertilize them for you so they will be healthy for next year!

Now that the snow has finally stopped and those April showers have started, we find ourselves wondering if there is anything we can do to get our yards to start looking presentable again.  But this is actually the PERFECT time to get the yard done!  We have come up with a checklist that we use on our own landscapes that really does get us ready for Spring.


  • ​Add instant color to your beds and plants with cold weather annuals!  Pansies, daffodils, hyacinth, stock, and several other plants will do the trick.
  • ​Divide and plant existing perennials that have outgrown their space such as Hostas and Daylilies.  You can expect to split these types of perennials two, three, or even four times!
  • ​Plant any new shrubs or perennials to fill in any holes in your landscape.  April is a great time to plant with all the rainfall throughout the month!




​It is time to implement STEP 1 of the 4-STEP lawn program!  March and April is when you would first seed your lawn.  After seeding (or if you do not need to seed this year), you will apply the appropriate fertilizer. 

Jonathan Green has an easy to follow system with great products!  Below is the two charts you'll need, one for if you are seeding and one for maintaining an established yard.